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Stop Albertsons and Safeway from unnecessary cuts to the hours employees were promised!

Albertsons and Safeway are regularly hiring for new positions without offering that work to current employees, many of whom are seeing their hours cut drastically.

We provide you a script to start with so you can easily send a message to those in power!


Take Action!
Hours Now UFCW555

Kaiser/Alliance action: Monday, June 25th

We are calling on all UFCW Local 555 members to show their support for our new Alliance and bargaining teams by wearing the new Alliance stickers (forthcoming) on Monday June 25th.

Also, we are asking everyone to show their Union colors on this day with UFCW clothes (or navy blue and/or gold if you don’t have UFCW clothing), sticker, and buttons. Alliance Unions across the country will be engaging in the same action. Thank you all for the support of your Pharmacy and Imaging Bargaining Teams.

Part of demonstrating our collective power is standing together in action. Check back regularly to find out when we need to take action.

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In times when action isn’t immediately needed, be sure to stay informed.